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Kylie Price is an industry leader in the field of the professional application of airbrush makeup. Long a favourite in the film industry for its flawless and long lasting finish, and its immaculate translation via the camera lens, airbrush makeup is becoming ever more popular as the go-to method for occasion makeup application.

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Kylie Price is a Sydney makeup artist who specialises in this innovative makeup technique. Makeup is applied to the face (or the body) using an airbrush compressor. No brushes, sponges, or other applicators touch the skin. The handheld compressor has variable strength settings to suit various requirements in the application of makeup, including not only foundations but also blush and even eye makeup and lip colour. Not only is an outstanding level of flawlessness of skin tone achievable using this method, but superior contouring effects are also possible.

The compressor is moved back and forth across the face or in circular motions to layer makeup in a subtle way yet assuring optimal coverage and the desired effect. Traditionally applied cosmetics may settle in the skin’s pores, fine lines, and wrinkles; this can enhance rather than hide minor flaws. Airbrush makeup differs in that it is applied from a distance, and comes into contact with the skin of the face and body as millions of miniscule spherical droplets; a sheer effect is achieved with an even coverage which looks natural and incredibly flattering. Finer and thinner than traditional cosmetics, the effect will last up to an entire day without any sign of deterioration.

Kylie Price uses only the most premium of airbrush cosmetic products. The formula she uses is silicon based; not only is this product superior in terms of coverage and aesthetic impact, it is low allergenic, perfectly safe for use on the face (even if minute amounts are inhaled during application), and is also breathable. Your skin will love it!

This innovative cosmetic application method is by far the most hygienic currently available for both clients and makeup artists. There is never any contact with the skin except by the actual makeup formula.

Special occasions, such as those requiring bridal makeup Sydney-wide, are the perfect circumstance to explore the benefits that airbrush makeup offers. It is the best friend of high definition videography and photography, and the results speak for themselves.

Whether you require the most flawless finish possible for a wedding, school formal, photography session, corporate event, ball or formal dinner, or for media or fashion industry occasions, let Kylie Price work her magic for your special moment, and enjoy the results for ever after in your photographic memories of the big day.

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