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Makeup artist Sydney

Why Choose Us?

There are many occasions that call for something a little more than everyday makeup, and this is where using a professional Sydney makeup artist is the only choice to be made. Such situations may include:

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Professionally applied makeup is also particularly optimal where photography will be employed: even the best self applied makeup won’t translate effectively into photographs, especially flash photography.

Kylie Price is a mobile Sydney makeup artist who has many years of qualification, experience, and expertise in all areas of professional makeup artistry. She brings with her an extremely impressive background working passionately and professionally for film, television, red carpet, media, and with a particular focus on bridal work. She provides professional, one on one instruction and makeup lessons to share her knowledge and expertise with her clients to allow women to know how to always look their best.

Makeup artist Sydney

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Using a professional makeup artist has many benefits. Many women become stuck in a makeup rut, using the same colours and “look” they have since they began applying their own makeup, sometimes decades earlier. A professional makeup artist is not only up to date with the most recent styles and fashionable makeup fads, but will be able to quickly achieve various different looks suitable for any season or occasion and to bring out the best in each individual client. The way we should apply and use makeup changes not only with the fashion of the day, but also with each decade of life. The right makeup can make a woman look fresh and youthful no matter what her actual age.

Makeup colours to enhance one’s natural beauty and complement the clothing to be worn are imperative for an optimal effect. Kylie Price uses only the finest and most up to date cosmetic and skincare products, complying at all times with the highest of industry occupational health and safety standards. She uses premium tools of the trade, products and application methods suited individually to the client and the occasion, and she knows all the magic tricks to accentuate a woman’s best features while cleverly disguising any flaws, including highlighting and contouring. She is also experienced in the professional application of airbrush makeup and all the most contemporary tricks and techniques to achieve flawless results.

While some ladies have no idea how to properly apply makeup, even women who are masters of doing their own faces will have an “off” day from time to time, where nothing seems to work. Let the professionals take care of your cosmetic needs for that special occasion. Whether you seek to achieve a glamorous Golden Hollywood Red Carpet look, a Sultry Sex Kitten look, an Edgy Rock Chic effect, or Naturally Fresh Faced beauty, Kylie Price not only guarantees her client’s satisfaction with the end result, she is calm, friendly, and fun to deal with. Whatever the occasion, she will deliver on her promise to make you look and feel like a million dollars.

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