03 27th, 2017


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Glowing, beautiful skin reflects great overall health and wellbeing. As much as it’s important to look after your skin from the outside, it’s also crucial to look after it from the inside. This means eating and drinking the right things!

The very best things you can eat and drink for your skin are fresh, whole foods, and one of the best ways to do so is in smoothie form. Fruits and vegetables are a key ingredient, and whole, natural raw produce is among the very best sources of nutrients that are unadulterated and free of additives. Yet fruits and vegetables alone don’t provide a very important ingredient for healthy, youthful, glowing skin. This ingredient is fat. Continue reading

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09 20th, 2016


Part of Queen Elizabeth II’s Wedding Cake

One of the many decisions a bride must make, alongside her dress, bridesmaids, hairstyle, bridal makeup artist, flowers and guest list, relates to the wedding cake. No wedding is complete without what is really the centrepiece of a wedding reception … and it has a long tradition behind it. Continue reading

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08 24th, 2016

It’s the age-old question that presents itself to almost every bride-to-be: hair up or hair down for the wedding? It can be one of the more difficult decisions a bride makes!

At some point in your bridal journey you will need to decide how you will wear your hair. Many brides-to-be will automatically think “up”, yet this isn’t always the best option! Continue reading

06 28th, 2016

One of the many things you’ll want to consider in advance for your wedding day is which perfume you’re going to wear as a bride.

A wedding should be a feast for the senses, and memorable for all the right reasons. Scent is strongly associated with memory, so your choice of perfume for the big day matters. Continue reading

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05 29th, 2016
The vast majority of brides choose to wear white on their wedding day. It’s timeless, classic, and designates the “Bride” in no uncertain terms.

But white is not simply white. And the search for the perfect wedding gown can come unhinged if you don’t know which white is right for you. Continue reading

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04 28th, 2016

Here are some more of the unique and sometimes surprising wedding customs common across the world. While weddings feature in almost all cultures, customs and rituals relating to weddings can vary enormously… Continue reading

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04 20th, 2016

Weddings are universal. Here in Australia we have numerous wedding customs that most brides choose to follow; these include wearing white (or a version thereof), throwing the bouquet, not seeing the groom on the day until the ceremony, cutting the cake, and much more. Continue reading

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03 9th, 2016


Bridal makeup is a very important aspect of your entire bridal look, but what about those girls and women who are not makeup wearers in their daily lives?

Some women love their cosmetics with a passion, experimenting with different looks, while other women favour a bare-faced look and are lucky to apply even mascara and lip gloss for special occasions. This is an individual choice, and for many women a minimal look is what works best for them. Continue reading

11 4th, 2015

Since Queen Victoria inadvertently set the trend in 1840, brides have invariably chosen to wear a bridal gown of white or one of its variants – ivory and  cream, most commonly. Even the most non-traditional of women will more often than not stick with the “rule” that no matter her age, or whether she has been married before, a bride wears white.

Bridal white traditionally symbolises purity and virginity; many people in the past would be scandalised at what a first time bride who did not wear white was suggesting by her choice. And a woman who had been married before could never wear white for a subsequent wedding. It was just “not the one thing” Continue reading

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10 15th, 2015

One of the important choices you will make about your wedding is your bridal bouquet. Some brides have their heart set on specific flowers and specific types of bouquets, but how do you know what will work best?

Flowers are integral to a wedding; the colour, texture and aroma all contribute to the overall atmosphere of the day. Of all the floral arrangements that combine to make a wedding special (pew decorations, boutonnières, table centrepieces, etc) the bridal bouquet is the most important – it is a once in a lifetime accessory. Continue reading

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