07 21st, 2015

Your bridal makeup is as much a part of your wedding ensemble as your gown, headpiece, hairstyle and veil. It should not be skimped on or ignored until the last minute. Even if you’re not a “makeup girl”, your wedding is one occasion when it pays to embrace the miracles that professionally applied makeup can work. You can still look natural and like yourself; in fact, for most brides, this is the ultimate aim. Your makeup should also complement your gown and overall look. Continue reading

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07 1st, 2015
As a bride, you naturally want to look your very best on your big day, and the way to achieve this is by having a professional hair and makeup artist apply your makeup.
Many clients ask me about airbrush makeup. Many have heard that it is superior to traditional makeup. It can be – but not always. Some have the idea it is somehow the same as “airbrushing” on a photograph – it’s not.

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