09 15th, 2015

You’re busy planning your wedding and the excitement is building. You have your list of things to be arranged: wedding bands, bridal and bridesmaids’ gowns, bridal makeup and hair, reception, honeymoon, bouquets and floral arrangements … the list seems almost endless. It can all become a little overwhelming for even the calmest bride!

Relax. Make a cup of tea, sit back, and take a moment. Here are some intriguing things you probably did not know about weddings… Continue reading

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09 3rd, 2015

Many brides-to-be (and their mothers) question as to why bridal makeup seems to be so expensive. Amidst all of the other costs associated with such a big day, it might seem like a big investment, and some brides can be tempted to go for a cheaper option. This is a big mistake!

When you break it down and consider just what you are getting when you enlist a professional bridal makeup artist, it’s not actually expensive at all! Continue reading

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