11 17th, 2015

Bridal trends come and go, and with a new year pending, here is a fun look ahead to what the bridal industry and fashion forecasters predict will be big for bridal style in 2016… Continue reading

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11 4th, 2015

Since Queen Victoria inadvertently set the trend in 1840, brides have invariably chosen to wear a bridal gown of white or one of its variants – ivory and  cream, most commonly. Even the most non-traditional of women will more often than not stick with the “rule” that no matter her age, or whether she has been married before, a bride wears white.

Bridal white traditionally symbolises purity and virginity; many people in the past would be scandalised at what a first time bride who did not wear white was suggesting by her choice. And a woman who had been married before could never wear white for a subsequent wedding. It was just “not the one thing” Continue reading

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