Airbrush Makeup 101

11 8th, 2013

These days, many makeup artists and their clients are discovering the enormous benefits of airbrush makeup – particularly for special occasions such as weddings, formals, and the like. So what is all the hype about?

Put simply, airbrush makeup is makeup applied to the face (or body where required, like in the film industry) using an airbrush compressor, rather than brushes, sponges or fingers. Its use dates back all the way to Hollywood in 1925, when it was the makeup application method on the original Ben Hur film; the technology had moved forward in leaps and bounds since then to the products and methods we see today.

Airbrush makeup utilises a handheld compressor with variable strength settings to apply makeup and achieve specific coverage and effects. Application involves circular or back and forwards motions until makeup is layered in a subtle way to produce the desired look. While such delicate and intricate makeup as eyeliner may be applied this way, foundation and blush effects are most commonly employed.

Elementwo Airbrush System

Airbrush makeup may be water based, polymer based, alcohol based, or silicon based. Makeup by Kylie Price utilises a silicon based formula as the coverage achieved is flawless and the product is superior. Cosmetic grade silicon is low allergenic, breathable, and perfectly safe for use, even if small amounts are inhaled during application.

Where traditional cosmetics like powder or liquid foundations can settle into pores and wrinkles, ultimately enhancing rather than covering what you want to hide, airbrush makeup contacts the skin as millions of miniscule droplets: an even and natural appearance can be created with a sheer effect. Unlike traditional makeup, this formula will last up to 24 hours without deteriorating. It can even be used to cover whisker-shadows on clean shaven men. It is finer and thinner than other kinds of foundation and blending is easy.

The application is the most hygienic for artists and clients as there is never physical contact with the skin. It’s also available for eye makeup and lip colours.

There are, however, some common myths about airbrush makeup which need to be debunked:

Myth 1:         Airbrush Makeup is Waterproof
Fact:               Some lines may be water resistant, but none are waterproof

Myth 2:         Airbrush Makeup will make you Flawless
Fact:   While a flawless effect can be achieved with this method, a good canvas (ie skin) will make for even better results.

Myth 3:         Airbrush Makeup is good on bad skin
Fact:   It will not disguise acne, scarring, dry skin or wrinkles. It will, however, achieve a flawless finish over traditional foundations when used on the above conditions.

Airbrush makeup is the product of choice where high definition photography is used – as at a wedding. The camera loves the effect created by this application method and the results speak for themselves in beautiful photographic memories.

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