Hollywood’s Biggest Bridezillas!

02 11th, 2015

Following up from our last blog about how to avoid becoming that wedding monster we all know, Bridezilla, here is a fun and lighthearted look at some of Hollywood’s biggest Bridezillas. From divas who need to have a bigger and better wedding than anyone else (because, let’s face it, it is a competition – isn’t it?) to those whose moods and demands make life unbearable for all who know them, here are our top contenders for Biggest Bridezilla EVER…

Kardashian weddings

  • Kim Kardashian: Kim Kardashian infamously married second husband Kris Humphries and the union lasted all of ten weeks. But it wasn’t for want of an elaborate wedding. Kim reportedly was on a mission to outdo the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton – and not only was almost every aspect of the wedding paid for by others offering complimentary services, she earned almost eighteen million dollars from the event. Figure in two million dollars alone on flower arrangements and three Vera Wang bridal gowns (because one dress just won’t do), and it’s easy to see why the wedding cost (somebody) so much.
  • LeAnn Rimes: after nabbing hubby number two, Eddie Cibrian, while both were married to others, low key wasn’t going to cut it. Rimes wore three wedding dresses – one for walking down the aisle, one for dining, and one for dancing. She worked on her personal vows for weeks, and was single-minded in her focus on all things wedding – making sure it was a huge event.
  • Tom Cruise: Bridezilla isn’t always female. Cruise’s first two weddings could not have been more low key (to Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman), but when he married Katie Holmes, he turned into perhaps the biggest Bridezilla of all time – reportedly overbearing, micromanaging, and controlling. Consider his insistence that she now be called “Kate”; that she stand in a “hole” for wedding photos so that he appear taller than she; that the wedding be over the top in every way; and there are even widespread reports that she was forced to sign a contract that she remain his wife for at least five years. Cruise not only oversaw ALL of the wedding plans, he oversaw his bride as well.
  • Kate Moss: no bride wants to be upstaged on her wedding day. But Kate Moss took it to a whole new level: so concerned was she that she’d be upstaged Pippa Middleton-style at her nuptials, she made many of her female guests (obviously those she saw as potential threats) provide photos of what they intended wearing to her big day – just to make sure she gave them the tick of approval!
  • Kanye West: after Kim’s prior wedding, nobody thought it was possible that she’d not be the biggest Bridezilla at her wedding to Kanye West. But the groom took first prize. He insisted the wedding be held on the other side of the world, in Paris. He wanted fighter jets to do a flyover during the ceremony. He vowed before the event that it had to be the “wedding of the century”.
  • Honourable Mention: Elizabeth Taylor. We don’t know if she was actually a Bridezilla, but at eight weddings, we suspect she may well have been!

Elizabeth Taylor


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