Choosing the Right White

05 29th, 2016
The vast majority of brides choose to wear white on their wedding day. It’s timeless, classic, and designates the “Bride” in no uncertain terms.

But white is not simply white. And the search for the perfect wedding gown can come unhinged if you don’t know which white is right for you.

Traditionally, a bride would choose a pure white wedding dress. This is a vision many girls and women initially have for their own wedding dress. The reality is, however, that very few women look good in stark, pure white. Pure white can make some women look washed out; it can make others appear sallow.

There are lots of better options for brides to choose from, which still fall under the umbrella of “white”. From white to ivory, cream to pearl, blush to diamond, champagne to oyster, silver to gold … the choices are seemingly endless.

How do you go about choosing the right shade of white, which will make you look radiant as opposed to washed out?

  • Pure or Stark white is bright and crisp, and looks best on brunette brides whose skin tones are cool but not too fair. This shade is most often seen in synthetic fabrics including taffeta and satin.
  • Ivory/Cream whites range from very creamy white tones to almost nude or beige hues. This colour suits redheads and hair that is lighter to mid-brunette. Skin tones best complemented by these colours include fair, neutral and warm; the actual shade of ivory chosen can make a big difference.
  • Diamond white, otherwise called natural white, is softer than pure white and will usually be seen in soft fabrics like chiffon and silk. It best complements a neutral skin tone, but is universally the most flattering white and is the best choice for brides with any yellow undertone.
  • Champagne is a white with pink/gold undertones, and looks amazing on darker or olive complexions
Alternatively, based on your skin tone:

  • Fair skin may be washed out by stark white if hair and eyes are not dark, but will suit a warmer white.
  • Medium skin tones look best in creamy ivory tones, but can often also look good in diamond and stark whites.
  • Olive skin suits whites with pink undertones such as blush.
  • Dark skin looks amazing in bright whites, yet should avoid any with a yellow tinge.

Some brides still can’t choose, or they look good in more than one colour. In this case, be guided by the season: off-white suits all seasons; winter is best for stark white; spring for ivory or cream; summer for blush or ecru, and autumn is made for shades of champagne, ivory, cream, and oyster.

Choosing the perfect wedding dress doesn’t just involve selecting the right cut and style of dress, but also the right colour – even if, on the surface, that colour is white.  The right white will make your skin tone look even, your complexion clearer, and you will appear radiant and refreshed.

Try on an array of tones of white and choose the one that makes you look awake, alive, and glowing. Professional bridal makeup applied by a wedding makeup artist will complete your look. It’s your big day, so you want to look memorable and at your very best!

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