Your Bridal Hairstyle – Up or Down?

08 24th, 2016

It’s the age-old question that presents itself to almost every bride-to-be: hair up or hair down for the wedding? It can be one of the more difficult decisions a bride makes!

At some point in your bridal journey you will need to decide how you will wear your hair. Many brides-to-be will automatically think “up”, yet this isn’t always the best option! Many of the most beautiful brides have worn their hair down (for example, Jennifer Aniston for her 2000 marriage to Brad Pitt), or half up-half down (Kate Middleton in her 2011 wedding to Prince William).

There are some considerations that will help you make your decision:

  • Your style needs to last all day – so consider this as well as weather conditions and the location of your wedding. If your wedding is to be outdoors and there’s risk of it being windy, an up-do might be your better option. 
  • If it’s a wedding held in the summer heat and humidity, again, think of your comfort for the day. Hair down can become hot and sticky and styles can “wilt” very quickly if it’s particularly steamy. Even the most skilled hair stylist can only work so much magic when humidity is high!
  • Chat with your hair stylist. We all have different types of hair, and some hair types will be better if styled a particular way. Does your hair hold curls and volume well? If so, a down-do might be perfect for you. If not, an up-do will be your go-to style.
  • Consider your veil or headpiece. You need to choose a style that will be complementary. Different veils suit different styles, as well as headbands, brooches, jewelled combs, tiaras, pins, flowers, bridal caps, or even a hat-style headpiece. 
  • Down-styles are soft and sexy; they can be great for concealing tattoos or blemishes or scars on the shoulders, neck, or back. Soft cascading styles can be very flattering with sweetheart necklines and beachy looks.
  • Does your wedding gown have beautiful detailing at the neck, décolleté, or on the back? If you want to show off an aspect of your dress at the neck, shoulder, or upper back, keep your hair out of the way.
  • Choose a style you feel wonderful wearing. If you have the slightest doubt, you need to find another approach. You also want to look like yourself on your big day. 

Your bridal hair stylist can offer you plenty of advice from her experience when it comes to styling brides for their weddings. Like your wedding makeup artist, your bridal hair stylist will want to see you for a pre-wedding trial. (You may be able to source a bridal makeup and hair stylist like Kylie Price, who performs both of these services). This is the time to bring some images of what you like, as well as a photo of your wedding gown and bridal headpiece or veil. All of these will be considered so that your hairstyle for the big day can be created to best complement your wedding theme as well as your personal style. Be open and honest all the time – be willing to consider advice but also be sure to speak up if a look isn’t working for you. By communicating well at your trial session, your perfect look will be created!


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