Put Your Best Foot Forward!

10 18th, 2016

With the arrival of spring, it’s time to pay some close attention to your feet! Over the coming months, it’s the season of sandals and open-toe shoes, and it’s likely that you may not have not paid enough attention to your feet over the colder months. You didn’t hibernate, but you feet possibly did!

Not only do you want your feet to look and feel their best for the party season, but if you’re going to be a bride or bridesmaid, your feet deserve extra special attention. Even if nobody will see your feet under your bridal gown, you want to be at your best from head to toe, and your groom will certainly see your feet on the wedding night – not to mention that you’ll want to look your best on your honeymoon!

Here are some tips for making your feet look and feel their best – no matter how much you’ve neglected them over winter…

  • Ideally, you’ll get a professional pedicure at a reputable salon. This is the best way to rid your feet of calluses, overgrown cuticles, reshape your nails, and enjoy a luxurious foot massage.

At home:

  • Thoroughly wash and dry your feet daily, and dry them properly – including between the toes.
  • Use a pumice stone or foot file to remove dead and dry skin from the heels, balls of feet, and sides of feet. Never use a foot razor – it’s too easy to remove too much skin or to even cut yourself.
  • Exfoliate with a quality foot scrub; scrubs containing peppermint are particularly cooling when the weather is hot, and lavender is soothing for tired feet.
  • Massage moisturizer into your feet after bathing. This will increase circulation into the feet, alleviate pain, and prevent dryness. Remove excess moisturizer from between toes and around nails.
  • Clip nails with a toenail clipper, straight across. Don’t clip too short! Ideal length is just to the top of each toe.
  • Choose shoes that are of good quality and that fit properly. Shoes should be comfortable and supportive. Don’t wear high heels every day!
  • If you have issues with your feet, including pain, corns, bunions, or infections, see a podiatrist for prompt and proper treatment.


Your wedding makeup artist and hair stylist will create the most amazing version of you from the décolleté up – but don’t forget to consider your feet as well! Have a pedicure regularly from at least six weeks before your big day, and put your best foot forward at your wedding – even if you and your groom are the only ones who will see them!


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