Hand Rescue 101!

10 28th, 2016

Last time we talked about how much your feet can suffer during the winter months, and offered some tips to bring them back to life (and make them suitable for being on show in sandals). But what about your hands?

Hands really do take a beating – we use them for absolutely everything, both good (touch, shaking, expressing affection) and bad (cleaning, getting dirty, and exposure to harsh substances).  Alongside the neck, they are the first part of the body to give away your age. In fact, many women have hands that look older than they should! Harsh washing dries them. Sunlight ages them. They wrinkle far too easily and nails are not easy to keep looking their best. 

You simply can’t ignore your hands if you want to look your best. Fortunately, there are things to do on a daily basis that are simple and will help your hands look and feel fabulous…

  • Wash your hands frequently to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other nasties. Use warm but never hot water. Avoid harsh soaps and instead opt for liquid cleansers or moisturising soaps. Use a gentle nail brush to keep nails clean. Rinse well and dry thoroughly.
  • Wear gloves when cleaning, washing dishes, and gardening. These will protect your skin from harsh products, hot water, and food irritants like chillies or onions.
  • Moisturise! It provides a protective shield to your skin. Creams are better than lotions; they are thicker and some are oil-based. Bear in mind that heavily fragranced creams can be irritating if you have sensitive skin.
  • When you’re in the sun (especially when driving), wear a moisturiser with SPF to protect your hands – this will prevent one of the biggest modern causes of ageing in hands.
  • In very cold weather, wear gloves outside – not only will your hands be warmer, but they’ll avoid drying and chapping.
  • Never bite or tear your nails.
  • Never cut cuticles
  • Avoid using nail polish all of the time.
  • Your nails can reflect what’s going on elsewhere in your body. Eat plenty of sources of Vitamin C, drink plenty of water, and eat good fats (think salmon and nuts). Don’t smoke. Manage stress.

Have a professional manicure periodically to spoil yourself and have your hands looking the very best they can…

Your friendly and professional makeup artist and hair stylist will help you look your best for any special occasion – but remember to give your hands some TLC as well! If you look after your hands as a force of habit, they will be primed for any and all special occasions – no matter how little notice you may have in advance!

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